Insurance Claims Disputes

Is Your Insurance Company Treating You Unfairly After You Filed a Claim?

For insurance claims disputes in Ocala and the surrounding area, call attorney Christopher A Doty. We handle insurance claim disputes for homeowners, and commercial property owners. An insurance policy is essentially a contract between the property owner and the insurance company. In return for your premium payments the insurance company is required to provide certain types of coverage. Not all insurance policies are the same and, in some cases, a policy may have exclusions that may limit coverage for certain damages.  While many insurance companies act responsibly when you file a claim, unfortunately others do not. If your insurance company is treating you unfairly after you filed a claim it is important to appeal their actions as quickly as possible. While disputing an insurance claim can be a complex and tedious process, you don’t have to do it alone.  Contact us today and let our experienced insurance claim attorney  help you get the coverage you deserve.


insurance claims disputes attorney

Types of Insurance Claims

Homeowners Insurance Claims

Homeowners insurance claims are very common. Your home could sustain damage from a fire, a plumbing disaster, hurricane, fallen trees on your roof and other unforeseen calamities. Whether you own your home or rent, your policy will define the extent of your coverage.  In some cases, damages can be substantial. It’s critical when you have experienced damage to your home or it’s contents that you notify the insurance company immediately.  Failure to do so could result in the insurance company denying your claim based on late notice.

If this has happened to you it’s important for you to seek the help of an experienced insurance claims attorney. We will work to move your claim forward and seek a fair and equitable settlement. The reason you have insurance, and the expectation should be that the insurance company returns your property to its condition prior to the loss. This means using materials of the same quality prior to the claim being filed.

Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial insurance is similar to homeowners’ insurance. However, filing a commercial insurance claim can be more complicated than a homeowner claim. If the claim is for a retail shopping center, there could be multiple insurance polices for the buildings owners as well as the tenants. When a claim involves a condominium or townhouse community, the bylaws and condominium rules and documents will also be factored into the claim. As with a homeowner’s claim, it’s imperative to notify the insurance company immediately.

insurance claims disputes

Protect Yourself from Bad Faith Claims

Florida law requires insurance companies to act in good faith when dealing with a clients claim. When an insurance company fails to act in your best interests, these actions could be considered acting in bad faith. If you feel this is the case with a claim you have filed, you will need the services of an experienced insurance claims attorney. Proving the insurance company has acted in an unethical or fraudulent manner can be a challenge. It could mean the insurance company is not being responsive or they have severely undervalued the damage to your property. We have the experience to handle bad faith claims and this can often lead to a settlement that exceeds the actual value of the damage. You may also be compensated by having the insurance company pay your legal fees.

Consult with Christopher Alan Doty, a Dedicated Insurance Claims Dispute Attorney

I pride myself in looking after the needs of ordinary people in Central Florida. Hiring a professional and well-prepared lawyer is a crucial decision on the outcome of your future. I have over a decade of experience dealing with insurance claims disputes. I can proudly say; I have exceeded my client’s expectations on all levels. I offer personalized service and have made it my mission to “FIGHT 4 FAMILIES” throughout Ocala, FL and surrounding areas. As a former United States Marine, it is my honor to continue to serve and protect your rights. Call or contact us today!

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your case.


Christopher Alan Doty, Esq.

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