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Attorney Christopher Doty is a highly experienced auto accident attorney dedicated to serving Ocala and surrounding areas. No matter how minor the accident may seem, it can still have a lasting impact on your life, as well as your loved ones. Apart from the physical and emotional toll, auto accidents can lead to overwhelming medical expenses, vehicle repairs or replacements, and even hinder your ability to return to work. Our law firm is committed to tirelessly fighting for the maximum compensation you deserve. Time is of the essence, so it is crucial to seek the guidance of a strong, compassionate, and experienced auto accident attorney immediately after the incident occurs. We are here to assist you every step of the way, and the best part is that the initial consultation is absolutely free. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us today!

Has you’re life been changed as a result of an auto accident? Were you injured as a result?

auto accident attorney
auto accident attorney

Why contacting an attorney immediately after your auto accident is so important?

Auto accidents can result in major injuries, hospitalization, long-term discomfort, loss of the ability to work and in the worst scenarios, the loss of a loved one. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney immediately to help protect you. As every day passes you could be waiving or losing your rights. I can refer you to a list of highly qualified physicians, rehabilitation clinics and surgeons throughout Central Florida. I can also help in obtaining a rental car and pursue full value of your lost vehicle.

Immediate attention is needed to protect your rights under the new laws: You must see a physician and get recommendations for treatment with-in 14 days of your accident or you may lose 100% of your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.

Auto Accident Attorney

Why should I pursue a claim if I am in an accident?

You need to understand that pursuing an insurance claim does not make you “…one of those sue happy people.” Insurance companies will take advantage of your vulnerable state and your desire to be a reasonable person in settling a possible claim. However, by being that so called “reasonable person” you could be causing other financial injuries to you and your family by allowing the insurance companies to keep the money rightfully due you under the justice system.

What is involved in an accident claim?

All claims involve establishing liability and damages, determining who is at fault for the accident and how badly you were injured.  We must calculate the total cost of your medical damages as well as other costs like lost wages, and property loss. Your responsibility in this is to work on getting better. No matter how much money I can recover for you it will not compensate for a lifetime of pain and/or disability. You need to take recovery very seriously and follow your care professional’s treatment plan. You do your job recovering while I do my job working for you and your loved ones.


Why should you consult with Christopher Alan Doty, a dedicated auto accident attorney?

I pride myself in representing ordinary people in Central Florida, who otherwise may not know what’s at stake following their auto accident. As a former United States Marine, it is my honor to continue to serve and protect your rights. Hiring the right attorney makes all the difference in determining the outcome of your case.  I have over a decade of experience and studied Accident law extensively. I can proudly say; I have exceeded my client’s expectations on all levels. I offer personalized service and have made it my mission to “FIGHT 4 FAMILIES” throughout Ocala, FL and surrounding areas.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your case.


Christopher Alan Doty, Esq.

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